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US Doubles Main Event

October 4-6, 2024

USDGC Doubles History

This is the list you want to be on. The Champion's List.

Men's Division
2023: Ryan Monn & Davidson McMurray
2022: Abel Boyd & Luke Callaghan
2021: Micah Groth & James Corbin
2020: Jared Henderson & Sullivan Tipton
2019: Blake Poland & Blake Montanye
2018: James Hopkins & Aaron Schindledecker
2017: James Hopkins & Aaron Schindledecker
2016: Kyle Hogan & Robert Galimi
Women's Division
2023: Ginelle Kohl & Kelly Tucker
2022: Ariel Walker & Autumn Wong

USDGC Doubles is an Amateur only event

USDGC Doubles is the event that kicks off the USDGC’s annual Championship Week in Rock Hill, SC. It brings some of the best amateur teams in the country to two of the most challenging courses on the planet – one of them being the USDGC’s very own Winthrop University Arena Course.

What makes this event special is that it gives amateur disc golfers the opportunity to experience the Winthrop University Arena Course in Championship condition and decked out in all its pageantry.
Winthrop Gold Arena Course

USDGC Doubles Main Event: Sep 29 - Oct 1, 2023

US Doubles Winthrop Arena Course
The USDGC Doubles Main event consists of one round a day for three days in Rock Hill, SC. 

This year’s event will remain three rounds over three days as in years past. However, this year we have added a second day of competition on the Winthrop University Arena Course. This has allowed us to double the field size.

The A Pool which will consist of all men’s teams will play Winthrop on Friday and the Camp Canaan Riverbend Gold Course on Saturday. The B Pool will consist of the remaining men’s teams as well the women’s field. They will play Camp Canaan on Friday and the Winthrop University Arena Course on Saturday. After Saturday’s competition is completed we will cut the field to the top 50 men’s teams and the top 20 women’s teams. Those teams will play the third and final round on the Camp Canaan Riverbend Gold Course.

We have a free consolation round with tons of prizes planned for teams that do not make the cut. Details of this event will be released at a later date so stay tuned for more information.

Winthrop University Arena Course

Winthrop arena course — Only the best of the best get to play the Winthrop University Arena Course During Championship week. But after earning an invite at a USDGC Doubles Qualifier, you and your partner will join the select few that get to experience competing in the Arena.

Canaan Riverbend Gold Course

Located inside a wooded island on the Catawba River, the Canaan Riverbend Gold Course, is the perfect compliment to the mostly open Winthrop University Arena Course. With modest openings among the trees, players find out if they’re hitting their lines very quickly.
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