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Player Eligibility

USDGC Doubles Main Event is all AM
PDGA Classification must be listed as Amateur. Your PDGA Player Info page must list your classification as amateur.
A player competes in amateur divisions. ( If a player plays in a Pro division and accepts cash at any time, they are considered a Professional).
A player is considered amateur as long as they have never accepted cash in a professional division of a PDGA sanctioned event.
Other Eligibility Rules
A qualifying team is comprised of the two players whom qualified for the main event. No substitutions of players may be made under any circumstances.
Once a team has qualified for the main event, whether through a qualifying event OR previous years qualifying performance, they may not attempt to qualify with another player unless first approved by the main event Tournament Director.
A mixed group of pro and am class players is not allowed.
Teams are only eligible to qualify for the main event once. Once a team has qualified, they are welcome to play in more qualifiers. However if that team finishes on the podium the qualifying spot will be awarded to the next top finishing team that has not qualified for the main event.
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